It is so exciting to see your dream become a reality. I am so impressed by how you see things Through. It's amazing to me that we have seen 40 years together in so very many ways. I am so grateful we have kept in touch through it all. So glad you are seeing the world, and we get to see it thru your lens. TY
Judi Younce and Danielle LaRue(non-registered)
Fantastic shots :) Can't wait to go native culturing with you again.
Kim Hancock(non-registered)
AWESOME!!!!!! You my Dear friend, are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Ya
Monica Yokum(non-registered)
I love your pictures!!!
Hobson's Choice Photography
Thanks to everyone. This has been my focus for years but I have never been in the position to try to make this work. Thanks to everyone that was a part of the journeys over time and those who have been cheering me on all along. It was not wasted!

And Mom, I am not good at everything, I just wait until I am ready to share. Years of trial and error first before I got here - love you!
michelle porter(non-registered)
it amazes me how good you are in everything you do. love you , mom
Therese Collins(non-registered)
Kelly, fully enjoyed exploring your new photography site. Wow, such a talent. You continue to amaze me.
Carrie D'Angelo(non-registered)
Such beautiful work !!
Susan Bruett(non-registered)
Kelly you photos are beautiful...hope you enjoyed each journey.
Judi Younce(non-registered)
You rock and I am so proud of you. Thanks for making me part of the journey.
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